What we’ve achieved

The nature of our business and our guiding principles demand strict confidentiality.
Therefore do not expect us to announce any new business or client lists.

Some headlines give you an overview of recently completed mandates.
On request, we provide references (always in agreement with our clients) and present case studies.

Combo-Weblogo-Org-Man_Layout-1Management team goes off board
acting as interim leader and implement succession

Test-SymbolBlack Swan challenges ahead
designing an agile structure for a global market leader

Combo-Weblogo-Branding-stamp-2_Layout-1Business success is a marathon not a sprint
sustainable strategy for a market leader in China

Combo-Weblogo-Smart-Bus-2_Layout-1Global brand stewardship
coaching innovative Asian SME to global markets

Combo-Weblogo-Branding-stamp-2_Layout-1Where ambitions meet talents
brand strategy for a city to attract investors and talents

Combo-Weblogo-Strategy-korr_Layout-1A burning platform
developing an innovative business model in an endangered industry

Combo-Weblogo-Strategy-korr_Layout-1Building a difference
refocusing business strategy and concentrating on strengths in construction industry

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